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Working on Button
Posted by visualeyez on 12/25/06 @ 08:11:12 am, Categories: News and Updates, 200 words   English (US)

Happy Tree Day everyone. Life is good in New Orleans working on “Button,” PJ has gotten some varied work out in L.A., including one of my personal favorite TV shows, ”Heroes,” and Robby is sill in Omaha, working up his next short or possible feature “Bomb People” which we hope to be able to get back and help out on in some fashion. Also trying to get some other shorts together for when we’re all back in Omaha working together again.
Another exciting announcement being that I get to be the lone P.A. helping out on the Caribbean portion of the “Button” shoot, so it seems as if I’ll be breaking in the new year in style, although I’m sure I’ll have my work cut out for me!

In other news, the “Duval’s Gift” roughcut is almost together, and although I’d like to have it completed by the new year, the Caribbean is probably going to cause a slight delay. We expected the completed version around the end of February, right before I head back out to L.A. to plow through the 142 day shoot of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

Moving on to another project
Posted by visualeyez on 10/31/06 @ 12:45:46 pm, Categories: News and Updates, 169 words   English (US)

That’s a wrap for “Sleeper Cell: Season Two.” PJ and myself were happy to be involved in a larger project with more visibility like this, and have grown accustomed to the fast paced production in L.A. So, it seems as if PJ will be staying out west.
Sleeper Cell Slate
As for myself. I will be moving on to another project in New Orleans/Los Angeles entitled “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” Needless to say, I’m extremely excited to be working on a major feature film with one of my favorite directors, David Fincher! Look for more info about this project elsewhere (www.imdb.com) as they’re trying to keep the project very hush, hush for the time being.

Excited to say that we’ve also received the footage from Neva’s first short “Duval’s Gift” and have begun sorting through the footage for a rough edit. Once again we were lucky to have borrowed Dana Altman’s HDV camera, giving us some great looking shots.

Heading out to Los Angeles
Posted by visualeyez on 08/01/06 @ 08:05:24 pm, Categories: News and Updates, 168 words   English (US)

Well, we’re excited to say that after completing all but a few re-shoots of “Ulterior Motives,” PJ and I will be heading out to Los Angeles to work on a Showtime series called “Sleeper Cell,” (Thanks Allen!) It will be the second season for this show and is set to air in December of 2006.

Hate to leave Robby and the rest of the gang hanging on “Motives,” but it’s an amazing opportunity and there’s no way we could pass it up, so expect a lengthy delay on the post-production of this particular feature as I try and get it logged on my downtime and Robby finishes up the final edit.

We also had to leave Neva, Robby, and Jason on their own for Neva’s upcoming shoot called “Duval’s Gift,” although I intend to at least do the editing, and know they’ll be just fine without us. Look for this short in early 2007, and we’ll keep you updated from the west coast!
Heading out to Los Angeles

The New Face of VisualEyez!
Posted by jeffreyian on 02/01/06 @ 09:47:52 pm, Categories: News and Updates, 251 words   English (US)

We're excited to announce that VisualEyez.com is going to be renovated over the next few weeks. We're going to be updating our overall look as well as our navigation system, and posting some new content for you to enjoy while we're at it.

We've got a couple The Sound of Urchin live videos from their last stop in Omaha. The Urchin is a unique band from Brooklyn and we were lucky that they were so cooperative in letting us film them. I think you'll see an improvement from some of the live videos of the past. After all, one of our main goals is to improve the production quality as we go along and learn new things.

Also check out a new short film, "A Perfect Gentleman" by Erica Tremblay which is extremely close to being done, but we couldn't wait to post what we have so far.

Over the following weeks, expect to see another short VisualEyez helped on by Robby Williams called "The Obituary of Mad Tom."

Other things we're working on is expanding our written content, so expect to see more columns, reviews, and interviews as well.

As for upcoming projects, we have a couple feature scripts we're working on and a couple music videos in the early stages of pre-production, and then we'll be shifting focus a little to get our first comic, "Defying Gravity" under way.

So be sure to check back every once in awhile, 2006 looks to be an interesting year here at VisualEyez!

Booming Film Community in Omaha
Posted by visualeyez on 11/08/05 @ 11:47:20 pm, Categories: News and Updates, 196 words   English (US)

There seems to be a lot going on in the film community in Omaha right now. After finishing up work on an indy called "Bert" we rushed right into another production called "Out of Omaha." This film came out of the collaboration of local production company North Sea Films, and an LA based company called NoHo Films. This feature starred Dave Foley and Lea Thompson, along with some other great cast. As cool as that is, the most exciting thing we walked away with was the learning experience of working as a team with a medium sized crew and with our mentor/2nd Assistant Director, Allen Kupetsky. The picture shows all of the PA's that helped on the film, along with Allen.
The Out of Omaha PA's
We enjoyed working together so much, we immediately rushed into filming a short titled "A Perfect Gentleman" after we wrapped. Look for more information about this short on the site very soon.

Also keep an eye out for another up and coming local production company called Dropped at Birth Productions who are nearly finished with principal photography on their film "Imitation Life" which has also been filming here in Omaha over the last month.


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